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Violin repair!

During the last concert (at rehearsal) I had a bit of an accident with my violin and in a bit of an over exuberant 'up bow' managed to take off the corner by the F hole.


Managed to wedge the piece back in and continue and did the concert with a slightly fragile bit - not ideal when you're going full in with Grieg and the Richard Strauss Violin Sonata!

An update ****

So lucky to have been able to take it to the legend that is Iris Carr ( incredible violin restorer - check out her website - ) and so happy that my violin has had a nice visit to her clinic and taken some time off and had a spa (!) and is now looking better than ever, ready for the 2 Classical Chills concert this weekend at Leiston Abbey.

A HUGE thanks to Iris for some stunning work.

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