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Next #ClassicalChill concert at Leiston Abbey is on the 5th March celebrating the finest German composers with works from Bach, Brahms, Schumann, Beethoven and more + fabulous German cuisine. Tickets on sale NOW - n

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Thank you so much if you came to Scottish Night at Leiston Abbey. A lovely evening and ( as I discovered!) 2 YEARS since we launched the 1st Album #ClassicalCHill VOL 1.

Incredible - and I was presented with a set of bagpipes on the night! Of course!

NEXT CONCERT is a special VALENTINES EVENING. Celebrating all things 'romance' - works from Beethoven, Faure, Dvorak and Elgar. It's going to be a beautiful evening.

Tickets on sale now!

- n

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Hello and welcome 2022!

The next concert in the #ClassicalChill series at Leiston Abbey is on the 29th January and is SCOTTISH NIGHT! Featuring works by Bruch, Peter Maxwell Davis, Craig Armstrong, Malcolm Arnold and more, this is going to be a beautiful evening celebrating works from Scottish composers and music inspired by one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Tickets on sale now

- n

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